how come you can name your kid Lily or Rose and that’s totally acceptable but you trying calling em Baby’s Breath and everyone flips


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jjinx was like: Please don't be concerned, I'll be fine, thank you so much for messaging me though ^^ I just feel like a robot, I have nothing to look forward to because I'm scared of everything, I don't want to tell a doctor, idk what to say, I don't trust my family, I'm fine if I'm with someone but I hate doing things alone, if I'm alone I walk really fast with my head down and cover up with my coat, I've asked God to make to better but I seem to be going in the opposite direction, I've given up.. 

Aw! don’t give up! It’s possible to live w/o fear & anxiety. It would be good if u can find a local support group for ur feeling (anxiety). This isn’t something u should fight alone. I can understand why u wouldn’t want to go a doc cuz they might spill stuff to ur fam & they don’t seem to understand but finding a grp with ppl who are or were like u, u can talk freely about your feelings confidentiality plus grps like that are small so less intimidating. Few battles can be won alone. I would be happy to help look up potential groups like that in ur area (or even a good online forum at min) if u want (and r comfortable giving out your gen location -not address-) In any case pls don’t fight this alone. It might seem hopeless now but believe me God made us humans to overcome & bounce back from tough things :) I love u, God loves u & if u ever need to vent or pour ur feelings u can always msg me ^^ I’m not good with advice (hence asking my sis for help) but I’m a good listener *^*